Aerothermal system

Clean and cheap energy to provide your home with cooling in summer, heating in winter and, if desired, hot water all year round.

Surely you have ever heard that an aerothermal system is a very big saving on your energy bills. Thanks to this low energy consumption compared to gas, diesel, or even pellets, it is already the energy solution in most office buildings, airports, cinemas, clinics ... Renewables are here to stay and at Fernández Luna we want to help you to make your transition to energy efficiency as comfortable, easy and simple as possible.

In short, the energy extracted by an aerothermal system is ideal for heating and cooling homes, also in the supply of domestic hot water (DHW).

At Fernández Luna we are the first choice for companies and individuals in the entire Marina Alta. Why? Our technicians provide courteous, friendly, affordable, and efficient service. We take our work very seriously and always strive to exceed our clients' expectations! From punctuality to experience, we make sure that all our clients receive the best services for the installation of aerothermal in their home.

You can have complete peace of mind and confidence to call us! We stand behind our work and go the extra mile to get the job done quickly and cleanly so you can enjoy your home again.